Scala's Weekly Specials
October 11th--October 21st

Chicken and Shrimp-- $17.95
Garlic Lemon Sauce Over Angel Hair Pasta with Salad
Tortellini Carbonara-- $12.95
 Cheese Tortellini in a White Creamy Sauce with Bacon and Peas
Super Cheesesteak Wrap-- $7.95
With Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Potatos and Mozzarella Cheese

Rice Ball-- $3.00
Rice Ball Parm--$4.95
Rice Ball with Meat Sauce --$4.00

FAX: 732-222-7728
88 Brighton Ave.
West End, NJ
Open 7 Days
Delivery or Pick Up
11 am to 11 pm
  Fall Specials !

$30 Gift Certificate for $25
To be used at any time.

2 Large Plain Pies
1 two-liter Soda


Be sure to try our
Cannoli and Fresh Coffee
Cannoli $2.75
Coffee $1.25
Now Available at Scala's
Gluten Free Pizza!
We are now serving Soups!

Scala's Pizzeria Menu


Early Bird Special

Chicken Parmigiana or
Egglant Parmigiana Dinner

Includes Pasta, Salad, Medium Drink and Canoli

Dine In Only
















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